About Cane Corso Forum

This community is created to give the good Cane Corso breeders from all over the world, a place where they can advertise their litters, kennels, studs etc. A new community was needed, since too many good breeders ended up in Facebook Jail for publishing available pups, while Facebook at the same time is overflowing with BYB bred pups without selection on type, character, health or whatsoever.

It’s important that people looking for a puppy know where to find the best litters, without running into BYB pups. Since most of these people are searching in Facebook, it is important that posts here can be shared in Facebook with 1 featured image and the title of the post. Best is to NOT use the word AVAILABLE in the title of posts.

We’ll be adding a forum to this community, so that we can have good civil discussions about the breed. Respect each other and learn from each other.

It will still take me a while before everything is ready to go.

Thank you for your patience!