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Let me start with a good introduction.

I'm Nancy Koper, mostly known as canecorsonancy. I own Cane Corso since 1995 and started breeding a litter every now and then in 2000. 

Before Facebook, there were several bulletin boards for the breed online, with lots of heated discussions and often lack of respect for each other. So in 2006 I created where I made some strickter rules. This became a very large community, with LOTS of good discussions and information. The forum is still online and all information is still there 😎

Since 1993 I've been looking for information about the Cane Corso. From when I had internet at home, I started collecting pedigrees from all over the world, to put in my private pedigree database. Breeders sent me pedigrees (often by regular mail) to have their dogs added and often asked me information about dogs they were interested in. In the beginning of internet, there was no way to publish all online, so lots of emails and regular post were used. In 2006, shortly after I created the, I found a way to create the Cane Corso Pedigree Database online

I had already over 2.000 pedigrees on my computer. So we had a good start and it just kept growing and growing. We now have 87.565 pedigrees online!

In 2010 the users started to go more to facebook and I was without hardly any internet for 4 years, so the forum 'died'. But now Facebook is not a breeder friendly place anymore. Good breeders end up in Facebook Jail for posting available pups, while Facebook is still full of BYB bred pups for sale. People interested in the breed search mostly on Facebook. But with the good breeders in FB jail or afraid to post their pups, these people often end up with BYB puppies. It's months this is going on and I was hoping someone would start an alternative. But nothing happened. So I decided to create a breeder friendy community, with a new forum (the old one is no good on phone and can't be shared on facebook).

So here we are! Posts from the forum can be shared on facebook. The blog is for the breeders, to advertise their pups. Like this, the index is for litters/studs only, so people looking for good pups, can see all that is available right there, without becoming a member of this forum and scroling through all topics. Blogs can also be shared on facebook, which we need to do, to show people where to find the information about the posted litter. More about how all this is going to work, in another topic. I don't expect everybody to read my entire introduction 😉 Many already know me for either the old forum, or the pedigree database.

Have fun here and keep it civil 🤗