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[Sticky] For breeders who want Author rights for the Blog

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Please introduce yourself here, to get Author rights for the Blog.

Introduction must include how long you have Cane Coso, how long you're breeding and some info about your kennel and why we should consider you a serious breeder, since we would like the blog to be only for the serious breeders of Cane Corso!

Blogpost must contain a link to the virtual pedigree from the litter you're advertising from or links to both parents. This way people interested have direct access to the pedigrees and all other information about ancestors, like healthtests, titles etc.

If both parents are not yet in the database, do send the pedigree(s) to to be added. But do give the adders a few days time, since we do this in our spare time. To avoid waiting, best is to always send pedigrees before breeding your dogs, so they are in by the time needed.

Nancy Koper
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