Female x Male, 0 males and 0 females available

Just another test from my Male x Female litter

These pups were born somewhere last year and are NOT available. I’m just testing the share options, to see how these blog posts show up on facebook.

I think the best way is to not use the word available in the title.

Aren’t they cute when they still only eat and sleep!

I made the next pictures thumbnails to see if they enlarge when clicked on in the blog.

Then they grow up…… still cute, but eyes needed in the back of our heads. And they eat…… how much they eat!

Now to see how to post this under pups/cuccioli……

Information about these pups that are NOT available on www.canecorsonancy.info (where they are not)
or pm on facebook https://www.facebook.com/canecorsonancy or by email canecorsonancy@outlook.it



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