How to post a blog

Approved breeders get author rights to post their own blogs. Here’s how to do it, with featured image that shows up on the homepage of this blog and in your post when shared to Facebook.

To post a blog, go to + New on the left upper side when visiting the blog

With mouse over, a menu shows up. Click on “Post”

On the page that opens, scroll down, untill in the right lower corner, you see “featured image” and click on “Set featured image”

Go to the tab “Upload Files” in the left upper corner

Go to “Select Files” an upload the image from your computer/phone

Your image will show up in the Media Library in the left upper corner, already selected. Click “set featured image” in the right lower corner

Your image will now show up in the right lower corner. Then scroll back up and start writing your Blog. For Facebook Jail safety, better NOT to use the word “AVAILABLE” in the title nor in the first 2 lines of you Blog, since this text is shared on Facebook and the whole idea is to avoid Facebook algorithms and Facebook Jail.

Feel free to post a link to your website, or facebook profile with the link icon

After you clicked the link icon, the below image shows up. Click “Link options” to write URL and how you want your link to show up in your blog. Example: URL , Link Text

To post your e-mail address as link, URL must be and Link Text , as i did with my e-mail address in the example below

You can add additional pictures to your Blog, by clicking “Add Media”, upload like we did with the Featured image and select to put in your Blog. Please do try to keep the images uploaded from smaller size, to prevent the webserver to fill up (which would mean we’d have to delete older images to create new space)

Finish your Blog with a signature, including your profile picture (which again you can link to your site or facebook profile) and contact information.

Once you finished your Blog, do select a Catagory in the menu on the right side of your screen. Like this, people looking for litters, can search through all Blogs, by selecting the country they are interested in.

Since the USA and even Italy and other countries, are big, you can add Tags to enter a State, Region, Province or even town. There you can also add your kennelname, own name etc. Do not use canecorso, canecorsopups etc as tag, since this will go for ALL Blogs posted. These tags are not used as # on instagram or facebook. But in this Blog, by clicking “Author”, “Location/Catagory”, or “tag” you can see all posts where these selections have been used. For people who are looking in a specific country or region, this is a good way to view only the desired Blogs.

When you finished your Blog, added all pictures you want to add, made sure you selected your country and added the Tags, go to “preview” in the right upper corner, so you can check if all will be posted the way you want it.

Once you are sure all is correct, click “publish” in the right upper corner and your Blog will be the first one visable on our Index page on . Once published, you can share it on Facebook as often as you want, on your profile, in groups or in personal messages.

If you still have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me via FB personal message, or by e-mail

Have fun!
Nancy Koper